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Game-Changing Integrated STEM

Today, your students are using magnets and thread to solve real-world, hands-on engineering design challenges. Tomorrow, they’re building robots.

Bring together engineering, science, computer science and math with the NEW Engineering and Computer Science Essentials.

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Engineering and Computer Science Essentials: An Integrated Program helps students in grades 1-5

  • Build STEM literacy. Companion storybooks connect STEM to ELA and social studies.
  • Get Minds-on. Hands-on. Challenges encourage problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Connect the designed world to the digital world. Real-world challenges help kids make meaningful connections.
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STEM curricula built on proven principles

EiE’s new Engineering and Computer Science Essentials: An Integrated Program brings together engineering and computer science to promote curiosity, discovery, and STEM literacy.

Preparing the next generation workforce: Learning to think like engineers, hands-on design challenges let students experience real-world engineering, science and computer science practices.

Supporting Social Emotional Learning:  Students develop agency and confidence as they practice ethical, compassionate decision-making.

Reinforce Habits of Mind: Using the Engineering Design Process and our engineering Habits of Mind as the foundation, Essentials opens up access to STEM for all learners.

Create Classroom Equity: With hands-on design challenges; stories set in different countries; impactful Resources for Diverse Learners; and a “teacher as facilitator” model, level the playing field for all learners.

Cultivating Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Integrating STEM creates a learning environment where students can move seamlessly from engineering to computer science as they become more creative problem solvers.

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"I like that no matter what a student's reading ability is, they can equally participate in the challenge."

Elaine Makarevich on Grade 1 Unit—Programming Robots


"I will be requesting for my school to purchase this when it is available! DEFINITELY! I think it was a meaningful way for students to learn computer science concepts and use Scratch. I loved that it tied in with the oil spill, a unit they had previously done, and provided students with a concrete example of how engineers use computers."

Anna Birnberg on Grade 5 Unit—Analyzing Digital Images


"I honestly wasn't even sure what computer science might look like at the elementary level, but this was pretty awesome! It was engaging, allowed for creative design and problem solving, teamwork, individual work, big picture, working with precision, thinking before doing, and working kindly with each other.Everyone LOVED sharing their games and they were SO proud of their work! This is what learning looks like!”

Jan Morris on Grade 4 Unit—Designing Computer Games


"I love the connections between both. What I found even more rewarding is that the EiE both Maglev and Automated connected to the District provided "Science" unit. Both EiE units provided me with more than one core subject area connections; Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Technology. I LOVE it all!”

Cynthia Brawner on Grade 3 Unit—Building Automated Systems

Dana with Young Child EiEK-1

"Computer Science can seem like a challenge to a teacher who doesn't have a degree in that subject area, and especially in an elementary school where it might seem like something that would be above the students' ability or age. This unit proved to me that Computer Science is alive and well in elementary schools, and teachers with little to no experience teaching computer science will definitely find success!”

Elaine Makarevich on Grade 2 Unit—Creating Animations


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