EiE® for Kindergarten

Engineering and Computer
Science for All


Kindergarten is the perfect time to introduce young learners to age-appropriate engineering and computer science challenges that develop cognitive, social, motor, and language skills. EiE® for Kindergarten builds a strong foundation for inquiry, exploration, and critical thinking and prepares children for future success in academics and life. 

Sparks curiosity and joy  for engineering and  computer science

Sparks curiosity and joy for engineering and computer science

Includes hands-on, age appropriate, cross-curricular problem-solving activities

Includes hands-on, age appropriate, cross-curricular problem-solving activities


Provides point-of-use implementation strategies and support for educators


Who are we?

EiE® is the award winning curricula division of the Museum of Science, Boston. Our mission is to develop evidence-based, standards-aligned engineering and computer science PreK8 programs that empower children to become lifelong STEM learners. and passionate problem solvers. Our print and online programs provide the support and flexibility educators need to being high-quality, hands-on STEM into their schools and districts.

The Three Attributes that Set EiE apart

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Evidence-Based Design

  • All our curricula are developed and built using a core set of design principles that have been proven effective through vigorous testing.
  • A five-year study concluded that our curricula improve learning outcomes for all learners, regardless of demographics. EiE curricula meets ESSA Tier 1!

Focus on Equity

  • EiE was founded with the explicit mission of engaging and empowering students from groups underrepresented in STEM fields.
  • EiE takes a socio-constructivist approach where learning happens best through collaboration and where all student voices are heard. EiE was developed using inclusive design principles where learning is set in a real-world context; design challenges are authentic to engineering practices; and lessons scaffold student work.
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Integrated Social-Emotional 

Our units are designed specifically to provide opportunities for practice with social-emotional skills – for example:
  • By empathizing with and seeking to help fictional characters.
  • Working in groups to develop collaborative solutions
  • Embracing failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. 
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