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The Engineering Design Process

Wee Engineer uses a simple, three step Engineering Design Process to guide children's engineering work. This process engages children in the fundamental steps of engineering while also helping them focus on solving a particular problem.
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Explore. Find out more.

Children learn about the problem they need to solve and explore the available materials to find out more about them.

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Create. Try an idea.

Children work in small groups with an adult to create their first design. They then test their design to determine how well it meets their goal. 

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Improve. Make it better.

Children improve their designs, then come together to share what they've found out with the full group.

By regularly reflecting on the Engineering Design Process with children, you are helping them understand that they, as engineers, do more than just make things. They are creative problem solvers who explore materials and design solutions to help others.
Each activity includes discussion prompts and an Engineering Design Process poster to help you guide children through each step and reflect with them on their process.



Create a Generation of Problem Solvers