Engineering is Elementary for Massachusetts Classrooms

Massachusetts State IconWe're heading to the the Massachusetts Association of Science Teachers (MAST) Conference in Boxborough!  Visit Judy Campbell in the booth in the exhibit hall; she’s looking forward to meeting you and answering your questions about how hands-on engineering supports learning in ALL subjects.  You might also attend our session to learn how engineering design challenges can inspire inquiry in students. Explore our resources below, and see how schools and districts in your area are implementing EiE.
Connections to MA Standards

We are aligned to the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Standards, 2013! Check out our alignment guide and see how EiE connects.

EiE in MA Classrooms

Our classroom videos feature real students and teachers engaging in the four lessons of an EiE unit. Get a look at EiE in a classroom near you!

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MA in the News 

Are you curious about how other schools and districts in Massachusetts are using EiE? Read these news stories to learn more!

Professional Development in MA

Our engaging, hands-on professional development is the ideal launchpad for elementary teachers who will be engineering for the first time; explore our upcoming workshops:



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