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Introducing Computer Science
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Welcome to the next
generation of computer science
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Power Up Your Computer Science Teaching

NEW! EiE Computer Science Essentials™ PD Library on LINCspring brings together personalized computer science instruction with transformative professional learning tools to bolster educator confidence and competence in teaching computer science. 

  • Personalized – Self-paced and interactive to meet individual needs and skill level of every educator 

  • Proven –

    A platform used by thousands of educators nationwide, with transformative results

  • Research-Based – Built upon LINCspring’s research-backed learning approach 

Leveraging LINC’s next generation virtual coaching and professional learning platform, Computer Science Essentials PD Library delivers an online professional learning experience that accelerates educator preparedness to teach EiE’s Computer Science Essentials curriculum.  


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About LINC

LINCspring is a blended PD experience that combines powerful, relevant learning modules with live workshops and virtual coaching support helping educators build equitable, student-centered classrooms. Built upon a transformational learning model developed by Stanford researcher Dr. Arnetha Ball, LINCSpring guides educators through action-based modules and gives them access to live workshops and just-in-time coaching support. 

How It Works

Computer Science Essentials PD Library helps educators understand and experience the structure and instructional design of the EiE units in a self-paced, interactive experience. Through a series of 60-to-90-minute learning cycles, educators explore Computer Science Essentials units using LINC’s proven Spark—Reflect—Tinker—Grow learning model.  

A combination of video, text, interactive questions, and guided planning documents invites educators to practice and build critical skills to facilitate high-quality computer science instruction in their classrooms. 

The Learning Cycles

Educators are directed to choose the Computer Science Essentials unit they plan to teach and then explore that unit as they progress through all eight learning cycles. The first two cycles cover information about EiE’s Habits of Mind, the Engineering Design Process, and Resources for Diverse Learners to provide educators with a foundation for diving into the curriculum. Then Cycles 3–8 guide the educator to explore lessons 1–4 and the Math Extension of their chosen unit, highlighting the structure and purpose of each lesson. 









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