Thank you for your interest in EiE Families

Families play an important role in the development of children’s interests and career aspirations, and extending learning into the home environment can help learners develop a STEM identity that will lead them to success in later years. In recognition of this, EiE is designing Engineering at Home activities that encourage families to communicate, collaborate, and solve problems as an engineering team.

Engineering At Home activity guides activity guides will be written for parents and will assume little or no prior experience with engineering, and materials will be inexpensive and easy to source. Each activity will guide families through the Engineering Design Process to design a technology that solves a problem.

We're seeking families across the country with learners age 4-11 to test one of these activities and provide us with feedback. If you're interested in this opportunity, please fill out the form.

Applications for this opportunity have closed. Thank you for your interest. If you'd like to stay up to date on future pilot opportunities, please subscribe to receive pilot updates.