Engineering at Home or On the Go

Explore engineering as a family! These activities promote team work, critical thinking and problem solving. Use the steps of the Engineering Design Process to design a unique solution to a problem. Families that engineer together will build valuable skills and will gain the confidence necessary to tackle problems with an engineering mindset. Best of all, these activities are fun for the whole family!

Engineering at Home

Join Makayla and Andre as they use their engineering skills to solve problems at home! Recommended for ages 4 and up.


Pass the Peppers! Activity Book

Help Makayla and her dad, Andre, engineer a solution
to pass the peppers from their porch to Grandma’s!


Download Pass the Peppers! Activity Book

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Engineering on the Go

Learn about the human-made world and the engineers that design it. I Spy Technologies and Technology Categories are simple and fun for the whole family. Designed to be played from a mobile device, these games are intended to support children’s understanding of the technologies all around us and the engineers that design them.  

Engineering on the Go - I Spy_Reduced-3I Spy Technologies

Make a trip to the grocery store or the laundromat more fun as you spot technologies all around you!  


Download I Spy Technologies

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Engineering on the Go - Technology Categories_Reduced

Technology Categories

How many technologies can you think of that give off light? That fly? That make fire?

Download Technology Categories

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