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Help today's children become the problem
solvers of tomorrow.

Children of all ages are curious, natural problem solvers. EiE for Kindergarten builds a strong base of problem solving and critical thinking that prepares children for success in school and in life.

Set kindergartners up for future success—in school and beyond—with the first engineering curriculum designed just for them

Kindergarten is an ideal time to introduce and explore age-appropriate engineering challenges that tap into young learners' blooming cognitive, social, motor, and language skills. Harness their curiosity, unlock their creativity, meet NGSS standards—and have fun!

Engage children in real-world problems

Each of our two units sets a context and introduces the problem with a rich storybook that guides learners through their engineering work. The stories features characters that model how to work collaboratively, persist through difficulties, and celebrate successes.

Build upon the skills children are already developing

Learners develop their fine motor skills through age-appropriate activities such as taping and folding. Class discussions boost their language abilities.

Bring innovative engineering into your classroom

EiE for Kindergarten provides the kind of experiential, scaffolded, project-based science and engineering learning advocated by expert bodies including the NAEYC, NSTA, and the British Association for Early Childhood Education, in a creative format that is rewarding and fun for learners.

Think outside the box

As learners work through the challenges in EiE for Kindergarten, they discover that there is no one right answer. They learn to think critically and creatively as they develop new problem-solving strategies.

Hands-on learning engages young learners

Matching kindergarteners’ attention spans, each story chapter prompts a hands-on classroom activity that keeps learners engaged with the longer-term goal of designing and improving solutions.

Begin developing 21st century skills

Learners practice critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills as they work with their peers toward a common goal and learn to communicate their thought processes in new ways.

Unlock 21st century skills: collaboration, communication
Kindergarten, in-school

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5-step engineering design process guides children through problem solving: Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve.

What’s Included?

  • Teacher guide with full-color illustrated storybook for each unit
  • Materials kits
  • Refill kits
  • EDP wall poster
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Educator Resources

Educator resources bring engineering to life in your classroom.

"I think this unit provided a different way for my students to shine. Everyone was able to participate, regardless of their abilities/disabilities. It provided an incredible opportunity for collaboration."
Kindergarten Teacher, Boston Public Schools, MA

6,000 hours of development
Tested by 37 educators in real kindergarten classrooms across the country

Kindergarten Engineering

“I imagine my students in 12 years telling their high school guidance counselor that they want to go into engineering, fully confident they can do it because they started all the way back in kindergarten. More than any other curriculum I've ever taught, I believe that engaging in [EiE for Kindergarten] will continue to open doors for my students throughout their educational careers and their lives.”


Kelly Livingston
Kindergarten Teacher
Chicago, IL

EiE for Kindergarten arrives Fall 2018.