Welcome to the EiE Ambassador Program

    Who are EiE Ambassadors?
    The EiE Ambassador community is full of passionate people who care about education. Ambassadors are educators who wish to connect, share, and support one another to enrich their knowledge and application of STEM, engineering, and computer science pedagogy and instructional practices.

    The program has three membership levels, each of which offers EiE Ambassadors a variety of engagement opportunities.

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    Benefits of Joining

    There are many benefits of being an EiE Ambassador, including: 

    • Exclusive free trainings from the EiE PD team on teaching and facilitation strategies
    • On-going support as you embark on and share your EiE journey
    • An official EiE Ambassador badge and certification

    Program Structure and Membership

    The program has three membership levels, each offering a variety of opportunities for engagement.