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Computer Science Essentials TM

Foster the computational thinking and digital literacy skills students need to thrive in an increasingly tech-driven world.

EiE’s Computer Science Essentials TM takes computer science instruction beyond coding, following our unique and effective approach to STEM education.

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Go Beyond Coding to Build Problem-Solving Skills

The EiE approach to computer science equips students with problem-solving skills they need for success in school, work, and life. Our Computer Science Essentials curriculum promotes computational thinking and digital literacy, and pairs it with socio-cultural learning theory, an approach that emphasizes active participation in the social and material world. Through these structured, hands-on experiences, students make sense and assign meaning to practices, all while using the language and tools of computer science within the proper context.

Computer Science Essentials prepares students to be computational problem solvers in whatever career they choose, subject they study, or real-world challenge they may face.

Computer Science Essentials offers:

  • Computational thinking, digital literacy and coding skills for grades 1-5.
  • Step-by-step implementation guides for educators with everything from vocabulary supports, discussion and self-reflection prompts, teacher tips, connections to other content areas and much more.
  • Student scaffolding, including engaging, real-world contexts, practice, in-class examples, and Engineering Design Process supports.
  • Flexible units that build on one another, can be implemented individually over time, and in conjunction with Engineering Essentials ™.
  • Professional development and implementation support.
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Trust EiE’s Proven Approach to STEM Education

  • Validated by rigorous research and teacher testing
  • Improved learning outcomes among diverse learners from all socio-economic backgrounds
  • Empowered teacher success with scaffolded educator supports
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Introducing EiE Computer Science Essentials PD Library on LINCspring 

NEW! EiE Computer Science Essentials™ PD Library on LINCspring brings together personalized computer science professional development with transformative learning tools to bolster educator confidence and competence in computer science instruction. 


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Our teachers can hit science standards, engineering standards while developing critical thinking and 21st century skills that your students can be practicing...It’s almost a 2-for-1.

- Kathy Berube District Science Liaison, Worcester MA

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“This program is one of the best developed and researched curricula that I have seen. EiE changes the way students learn and discover. I am now trying to tie in the rest of my curriculum,(i.e. Math, ELA) to fit around a particular EiE unit!”

- Sandi Lewis, Ocean Vide School District, Huntington Beach, CA

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“EiE has been everything I've hoped for and more, and is the foundation upon which I have re-imagined my entire classroom. The EiE units help me because they are so comprehensive. Everything I need is included. And yet, I have the creative license to modify the lessons as I see fit, to accommodate my program's unique needs.”

- Kevin Jarret, Northfield Community School, Northfield, NJ


“The professional training I received in Boston was probably the best I've had in 20 years of teaching. I think your program is wonderful and the staff is world class.”

William Diaz-Brown, Willard Elementary, Long Beach, CA


Learn Beyond the Code

Download the Computer Science Essentials brochure to learn about our hands-on, research-based approach that supports educators throughout.